Woman with dementia careLet’s first understand the concept of Nursing Home Neglect. The negligence of nursing home residents who are usually the elderlies occur when they do not receive proper care in terms of the mandatory physical, medical and emotional attention. This neglect from the management or administration of the skilled nursing facility eventually turns out to be a serious threat to the overall health of the residents or in this case, victims.

The negligence can also escalate to mistreatment, in terms of physical and psychological abuse. In such a case, the victim under abuse should immediately be taken away from the care home to a safer place.

In order to prevent other residents from becoming a victim of this neglect and mistreatment, legal action is required against the skilled nursing facility. This may lead to their license being cancelled or even criminal charges depending upon the severity of the offense.

Why Should You Hire a Nursing Home Neglect Attorney?

It is genuinely horrifying to know that your elderly loved one is going through a trauma within the confines of a nursing or convalescent home and there is no reason that they should be treated in such a way. Below are the signs that you should look for before hiring a skilled nursing facility attorney:

• Wounds and bed sores
• Head injuries
• Malnourishment
• Overdose of drugs
• Broken bones
Providing the needed care to the patients and residents is the foremost duty of a convalescent home facility and if they fail to do their basic job, it is important to penalize them. After being aware of the convalescent home neglect of your loved ones, you should immediately look for an experienced nursing home neglect attorney who has a history of handling such cases.
A lawsuit in this case will not only offer you financial compensation for the rehabilitation of the elderly in case of injuries and abuse but will also encourage all the existing skilled nursing facilities to follow and operate on a standard quality care and refrain for negligence.

What Will a Nursing Home Neglect Attorney Do?Convalescent home care

Your attorney will begin with an initial consultation where they will assess the damage and the overall situation that occurred. The attorney may also lead a thorough investigation on the convalescent home under review to look for their history and records. In case, there have been mishandling on the convalescent home’s part even before, you will have a stronger case.
To build the case, the nursing home neglect attorney will also interview the convalescent home staff and other stakeholders to get more hints on the negligence. This is important because negligence has a lot of levels from very mild to extreme levels of seriousness that include serious wounds and sometimes even death of the resident.

Final Note

Eventually, after conducting a thorough investigation, your attorney should be able to file the case also including and foreseeing the challenges that the other party may file in response. Usually, settlements happen and you should be assured that your hired attorney will present the case on your behalf meeting your interests. However, in a case where settlement is not an option the case will be presented at trial and facilitated mainly by your attorney.