Wouldn’t it be nice if your parents could stay youthful and healthy forever? You never want to see them grow older but it is a part of life that is inevitable. All you have the ability to do is help to the best way you can.

Elderly abuse attorneysWhen Is It Time to Look into Retirement Homes?

When your parents start to become unable to take care of themselves, you might not have the means or the extra room available to accommodate them. Another unfortunate fact of life is that by the time you are old enough to help support your parents and their failing health, you most likely have children of your own that need you just as much. This is not an easy reality to come to terms with and is definitely not an easy choice to make.

What Should You Look for to Ensure Their Proper Care?

You may have recently come to the reality that you will need to help your parents move into a nursing home, and you will need to figure out where the best place for them will be. What should you look for to make sure they will be treated and cared for properly? There are several things you need to keep in mind to provide them with the best care.

If your parents have any serious illnesses like Alzheimers or Dementia, they will most likely require more attention and help with daily tasks. Ensuring that they are accommodated for any particular medical illnesses or diseases will help them immensely through this period of transition.

Nursing home neglectThe next best way to tell if their new home will be a good fit is by visiting their cafeteria. The food and how they prepare it might quickly change your mind about one of these retirement homes. If their cuisine seems like it is old, or poor quality, they most likely won’t be worried about the quality of anything else they are providing their seniors.

Unsettling smells or sour odors can imply that the residents are living in unhealthy conditions. Although most nursing homes do not smell like fresh linens all the time, harsh or potent odors can indicate poor treatment. Since many seniors are prone to accidents, the smell of urine or bowel movements does not necessarily mean that the facility is abusive or neglectful. If you notice any smells of this nature, pay attention to if the same scent pops up multiple times throughout your tour.

An obvious red flag when it comes to retirement homes will be if the patients there look neglected. If they are falling victim to abuse or negligence, then they will most likely show signs. Most of the residents will look miserable and frail if this is the case. Even though these indicators can be normal for some seniors, it is highly doubtful that they will all look and act sickly.

The best thing you can do is to ask the residents themselves. Visit the nursing home on your own and talk with the patients about their personal experiences. They will most likely be honest about how they are being treated. If at any point you suspect that your parents or other patients are being abused or neglected, immediately contact nursing home neglect attorney hastings and report it. Don’t just let it happen or try to ignore it when you could help save lives.