Raising kids is no easy task, and the importance of you pedagogical skills is most visible when you child starts attending school. Once there you will be able to observe the effects his actions have on him as well on the other kids in the school. There is a new law that Wisconsin just passes that put large fines if your kid turns out to be a bully.

The Reason behind Putting Such Strict Rules into Action

Bullying in schools in recent years has led to more than 6,000 deaths annually. The fact that victims are usually teenagers from 15 to 24 years, proves that effect of bullying in schools indeed have an incredible impact on mental health of teenagers. So it is evident what fueled putting this law into action, but are the fines justified? Bullying victims often experience first visible effects years after the incident occurred. Being that this is a retroactive effect that victim experience in future it is much more dangerous that actions that cause immediate effects.

This shows how important is to pay attention to your kid’s behavior. By introducing fines in cases when your kid turns out to be a bully, parents are reminded that less time spent with their kids will cost them not only in immaterial form but also in material one. So to justify this new law, we only need to mention the amount of damage it prevents and effects it has on the society in smaller social groups as well as in larger ones.

What This Means for School System?

Being that a law enforcer is obligated to intervene in cases of mental and physical abuse, a school system that we know is about to change. This means loss or transformations of job positions, as multiple positions might be replaced with one that binds several responsibilities. But who will pay for these expenses, as this is one more responsibility that adds to numbers in law enforces employment? It’s good that the government is paying attention to a school system, but will law, and others that will come in the future affect our tax rate?

Being that more responsibilities will give birth to more numbers in law enforcer employment, the tax rate must go up with the numbers of job application in the law department. This remains to be seen, as the budget for many government institutions is directly associated with a tax rate in that country. Focusing on one problem at a time is the only way to resolve important matters in modern society. Mental health of our citizens is an important issue, so this law should be welcomed in many other countries as well. Whether or not there is a financial limit on fines for bulling in schools, is less important than the fact that this law is in function as from today. Safer school system means safer future for all of us.